Expert Wheel Alignments

Treat Your Vehicle Right With Wheel Alignments

When your wheels are out of alignment, driving becomes more expensive and more dangerous. Improper alignment leads to poor gas mileage and puts unnecessary stress on other parts of your car. Additionally, your car can drift to one side instead of traveling straight. 

The experts at Todd’s Automotive can restore your alignment and ensure that you stay safe on the road.

Wheel Alignment Benefits

  • Tires last longer
  • Easier steering
  • Improved gas mileage
  • Smoother ride
  • Safer, more secure driving
  • Reduced risk of blowouts 
  • Better traction and more

Auto Services for Driver Safety

Your brakes also affect your safety on the road. Make sure that they are in good condition and have them repaired or replaced on a regular basis.
Wheel alignment

ASE-Certified Mechanics

All of our auto technicians are ASE certified and Ohio licensed for e-check repairs to ensure that you get the best possible service. They receive continuous training to stay current with the latest innovations. Contact us for service today!
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